The Bridal Suite at Mountain Paradise

View from our front doorArenal volcano is obscured by low clouds

Base of Arenal emerging from the clouds

The swim-up bar at Mountain Paradise

Towel origamiwith fresh flowers

Gardens at the church in La Fortuna

Interior of the churchWe stopped in to escape the rain

Vendors selling everything from trinkets to chickens

Peak of Arenal swathed in clouds above La Fortuna

Than feasting on Costa Rican pizza

Day 2 began sunny and clear

We went on a hike up to the limit allowed

The Springs ResortAfter our hike, we spent a few hours exploring the thermal pools at the new five-star Springs Resort

Origami towels, take 2Elephants this time...

Rafting on a Class III-IV river took up much of Day 3

Snack time on the riverThe guides laid out a snack of pineapple and watermelon on the bottom of one of the boats

Foliage at the Mountain Paradise hotel


Towel origami, take 3This little piggy stayed home ...

Arenal looming over the bullring in La Fortuna

La Fortuna street scene

Picturesque feast in La Fortuna

Even the 1/4 chicken was fancy

Palm at Mountain Paradise


Typical Costa Rican breakfast fare

At a treetop station along the zipline

Lauren showing perfect zipline form

Than on the Tarzan swing

Centipede spied along the zipline trail

Mantis trapped in the sink at the zipline base station

Grounds at the zipline base station

Flora and fauna at Mountain Paradise




Parting shot of Arenal

Buena Vista Luxury VillasOrigami towel elephants greet us at our new digs

Pacific Ocean at Manuel AntonioView from our villa

Tulemar BeachUse of kayaking equipment was included with our villa

Than braving the waters

Lizards had the run of the place


White-faced colobus monkeyA troop of these guys came foraging through the trees above us

Kayaking in the bay

View of peninsula from our deck

Than relaxing on the deck

Than impersonating Derek Zoolander

Pancake breakfastOur villa came with a full kitchen

Sloth at the Fincas Naturales wildlife refuge

Frogs eggs at Fincas Naturales

Butterfly at Fincas Naturales

Topside of an owl butterfly

Bottomside of an owl butterfly



Caymen and crocodiles living in perfect harmonyFincas Naturales

Cozy caymen


Epiphyte at Fincas NaturalesThese plants do not root in soil, but instead attach themselves to other plants and survive off the air, rain, and sunshine







Manuel Antonio street scene

Pool next door to our villa

The lizard we named 'Valentino', who lives at our pool

'Jesus', another pool residentThese guys run across water like it's pavement

Kayak tour in the mangroves

Amazing mangrove forest

Monkey in the mangrove

Can you spy the sand crab in this photo?

Towel origami swansA day without towel art is not a day in Costa Rica

Coral snakeSpied along the trail in Manuel Antonio National Park  'Red on yellow, kill a fellow"

Tree fungusManuel Antonio National Park

Beach within Manuel Antonio National Park

The newlyweds at the beach

Boat coming inPublic beach just outside Manuel Antonio National Park

Menu at a beachside restaurant

Fruit snack

Railcar as restaurantThe only rail equipment we spotted in Costa Rica.  Lauren says it isn't enough to write off the trip :(

Banana slugs

The tide is inWe watched fascinated as the waves crash onto the beach



Steep paths at Buena Vista Luxury Villas

More swans...

... and this time they hit the bathroom, too

Kitchen at our villa

Lauren on the beach trail

Than on the beach trail

Crab on the beach trail


Now we've got his attention!

Lauren and a giant ficusTulemar Beach

Heading out for a photo op

The newlyweds at Tulemar Beach


Than quaffing a tasty tropical beverage

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